October 2015 Willett, Fansler, O'Kelly

The art of Brandon Willett

Brandon Willett's Artist's Statement:
"I'm fascinated with humanity's relationship to the animal kingdom.  The raw ferocity predator's display - unapologetic, insatiable yet completely natural. It’s a force that humbles and simultaneously disturbs us once that same animalistic insatiability is seen within humanity.

Rooted in our deep need to humanize the non-human and dissolve grand differences between the two kingdoms, we misinterpret predator's actions as rage and malice. There is only singular function within their Kingdom, however humanity possesses the choice of nobility or tyranny. "

broad daylight.jpg

Then and Now ~ Jeff Fansler


Jeff is a lifelong artist, A departure from his painstakingly crafted miniature scale oil paintings, these works are ceated with india ink and dip pen. The Series Title, Then and Now  refers to the time frame of the work. The earlier works were created in 1992 and are rhythmic black and white, patterns if negative and positive space somewhat larger in scale than the drawings created this year. The Recent drawings are even more engrossing in their detail.

Particular Predilection ~ Jennifer Wynn O'Kelly

Predilection - 1. a tendency to think favorably of something inparticular; partiality; preference:

Jennifer has a predilection for natural settings that show evidence of human activity.