November 1-30 ~ 

"Writing On The Wall" (Detail) - 11" x 14", Oil and Graphite on Panel (2013) 


"In-Between Words"


For this series the focus is on the way words shape our (mis)understanding.  A re-occurring theme in my narrative work is the concept of duality.  Some say the works contain multiple meanings by utilizing visual metaphor, juxtapositions, and allegory. -- choice words. 

In pictures it is much easier for me to express an emotion that is three-fifths happiness, one part relief, and one part sadness -- and trace amounts of crazy in there too.  Where is the word for all that?  I guess that’s why poetry, song, and letters exist.  We use several words to make ultimately a passage of how we feel.  And if the words would come, I would use them.

With these pictures the title is the point of departure. There are numerous musings of familiar, well-known word-based phrases.  Many of the works explore the space in-between words.

"Good Old Days" - (48x48 inches) mixed media on canvas


Chad, Emily and Gabi Beroth


"Chutes and Ladders" is a collection of  works in mixed media/assemblage style. This body of work is a two-dimensional opera that visually sings a tale of divorce, joint custody, life changes,  new beginnings, finding happiness, and the bond between a father and his daughters.