From Chad Beroth, our preparator:

What's it all about? Well... I'll tell ya. Working with Jennifer O'Kelly at Muse Scenic Studio one day, I came across a stack of paint elevations from Jennifer's theater work (mini versions of her larger works complete with sketches, measurements, and notes) that were REALLY interesting to look at... just some really cool stuff. I thought it would make for a pretty great show, so I approached Jennifer about showing it, and after some discussion, that idea became the basis for the "Concepts, Drafts, and Moquettes: The Art of the Proposal" show at Delurk.

"The Art of the Proposal" focuses on the "pre-work work". Sketches, drafts, roughs, layouts, blueprints, paint elevations, thumbnails, proposals, plans, mock-ups, maquettes, models, and concepts...thoughts and ideas! πŸ€”πŸ’‘πŸ‘ The work ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS do before they do the work, or the roughs submitted to your clients to get the work.  And... that's pretty much it.

So we asked artists and designers to layout their grand ideas,  jot down measurements, scribble some changes, add notes, rip it up, tape it back together (WHATEVER THEIR PRE-WORK PROCESS IS... WE WANT TO SHOW IT!)