Naked: An Unfiltered Look At The Artist's Interpretation Of The Nude Human Form, is an invitational show featuring works from Delurk collective members, and select artists from around the country chosen by Delurk's exhibitions committee.

Featured Artists: Chad Beroth, Emily Beroth, Holland Berson, Richard Boyd, Shane Brumley Ward, Jill Bush, Les Caison III, Rogelio Calvo, Katie Chasteen, Ayuna Collins, Krista Culpepper, Mark Doepker, Kendall Doub, Mike Duggins, Andrew Fansler, John D. Gall, Molly Grace, Patrick Harris, Rebekah Kates, Sarah Kelly, Stewart Knight, Dale Ladd, Laura Lashley, Alexandra Loesser, Morgan Maninno, Dave Martin, Kelsey Melville, Don Moore, Ricky Needham, Olga Noes, Tiffany O'Brien, Jennifer Wynn O-Kelly, Chris Powers, Keith P. Rein, Laurie Russel, Will Safrit, Heather Shirin, Holly Swenson, Cindy Taplin, Hayden Tedder, Joel Andrew Tracey, Jackie Walker, Dane Walters, Nick Weir and Mary Ann Zotto