Delurk Gallery’s April exhibition features artists John Hairston Jr and Matt Hooker. Also on display will be work from Delurk Collective artists.

Show Runs: Friday, April 4, 2014 – Sunday, April 27, 2014.
About The Artists:

 John Hairston Jr. has been an artist for as long as he can remember. A Charlotte, NC native, he created art before he could read, write or spell. Through out his grade school years, he spent the majority of his time drawing superheroes and listening to any old soul or Hip Hop records he could get his hands on. Little did he know that his love for all things spandex-clad and funky would come play such a major role in his development as an artist. Under the guidance of his high school mentors and college professors, he learned to tap into these components to create a style of artwork that seamlessly blends political satire, social commentary and obscure pop-culture references. Hairston graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in illustration and began his career as a professional artist illustrating storyboards for a string of independent films and several of television ads. He has done commissioned pieces for numerous art collectors and various non-profit organizations. John Hairston Jr. currently has work on display in galleries all over the east coast.

Matt Hooker started painting in 1998 and started selling his art in 2006 after a long a fruitless stint as a guitarist in Boston's underground metal scene. Portraiture and cityscapes are among his favorite subjects, which are typically oil on canvas. Regarding his artistic style: "Most paintings start out with the unschooled illustrator in me shooting for realism... and they almost always end with the frenetic painter in me coming through with stab-in-the-dark brush strokes to mess it up a bit."