April 2013

Delurk Gallery Celebrates our second year!

The month of April is one of renewal.

We had a great winter and our member artists have been in their studios, many of them recent additions have put together a compelling show including work from everyone and featuring the work of Chad Beroth and Patrick Harris, Chris Powers and Zac Trainor.

Chris Powers

Featured this April is a mural installation and exhibit  reviewed in the Winston-Salem Journal.

Mural Image  and Full Article

 "...in the Arts District, Delurk Gallery is worth a visit this month, especially to see Chris Powers’ small solo exhibition consisting of a mural and 10 drawings that center on a Buddhist theme. Dominating the fiery-colored mural at the right side is a striking image of the Buddha serenely meditating alongside a distracted-looking, waiflike female figure wearing a floppy, crown-like hat.

Other drawings and parts of Powers’ mural feature similarly stylized figures whose robes and headgear resemble those worn by European monks and nuns. Two of the drawings depict sexual couplings based on traditional Tantric Buddhist imagery. Also incorporated into the installation are ritual items associated with Tantric Buddhism."

- Tom Patterson, Winston-Salem Journal

Collaborations - Chad Beroth and Patrick Harris

Here's an excerpt from a recent article by Tom Patterson, published in Winston-Salem Journal and Relish; Full Article and Image.

"The themes treated in the adjoining duo show by Chad Beroth and Patrick Harris are more contemporary, grounded in pop culture, and the best of them have something of the same graphic punch as Powers’ work.

What makes their works of special interest is that most represent joint efforts, combining two (or more) contrasting styles. My favorite is a diptych portrait of Abraham Lincoln that’s half pop art and half traditional realist portraiture. Other subjects that the two artists have collaboratively treated include President Obama, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, a kid in a Batman costume and several menacing animals."

- Tom Patterson, Winston-Salem Journal

Zac Trainor - A New Continent

Everything is connected, everyone is alive and every moment counts. We drift, we push and pull on each other, and we collide. In this collision, new momentsand connections are formed, sometimes old ones are broken.

We are constantly in a state of push and pull, between our passions and instinctand the reality we have so exuberantly imposed upon ourselves. Drifting through life, we are separated by imaginary lines that perpetuate the idea we are all on our own and we must not concern ourselves with the trials and tribulations of others or other countries. We are all people.  We are sedimentary compositions of our past. We are platesmoving imminently towards our future. We are the earth and all that is inherent within and we need a new continent to wipe the slate and start again.About PlatesPlates is an examination of the process, both in my art and physical self, that I have undergone in the last few years. I started having episodes where a pressure would be in my abdomen, numbness in my hands, feet and jaw, lightness in my chest and head, and in some instances I would pass out. I started going for tests, scans and consultations. In the end, most of it can be attributed to anxiety and I have learned to have a more careful approach to mythoughts and actions. I requested copies of all the scans and images that were available from my tests,and sorted through them looking for parts of myself that I connected with beyond the bone and tissue. These plates are those images, cropped square and printed on PVC media, that I then painted on. While they appear thin and possibly as prints at first glance, they are in fact millimeter thick paintings. Every one of these plates are a piece of me. A piece of my body and a piece of my mind.

Harris vs. Beroth

Harris vs. Beroth

Featured Collective members

Featured Collective members