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March 2019 at Delurk

March brings two solo artist collections of figurative works in oil on canvas to Delurk.

Complemented by special selections from our Artist Collective including all new works by Jack Hernon, Chad Beroth and Dennis Wells.

Details from “Strangers from Facebook”

Chris DeMaria

With titles like, Selfie in pink bathroom, 2019 and Woman on oxygen, 2018 this work sets itself apart as a reflection on social media sharing and the window it has opened into snapshot moments in the everyday lives shared through public posts across social media.

The paint is rich and textured: lavishly applied. Oil paint providing an opulent, luminous window into the lives of 23 strangers.

Originally from Florida, Chris now lives and maintains a full time studio in nearby Virginia.

Wavy haired woman - 2018 - Chris DeMaria

Wavy haired woman - 2018 - Chris DeMaria

Details from “…my dreams of late…”

Jennifer Wynn O’Kelly

Delurk Collective Artist, Texas native, and Winston-Salem devotee, Jennifer has spent her life pursuing performance related design while constantly and compulsively producing intimate scale drawings and large paintings in the spaces of time between film assignments and theater productions.

This group of 10 oil paintings are all inspired by dreams carefully noted and often sketched out in the middle of the night during waking moments. Most of the paintings were worked out with the help of live models who came to Jennifer’s studio for 1-3 hour sittings so she could work out the color studies and poses before filling in the surrounding scenes. Models were recruited with social media posts and private messages seeking models with certain physical characteristics and in some cases particular knowledge such as bow hunting or a particular firearm license.

Come by the gallery March 14th for her artist talk to find out more about the process and the future of this new series.

“My Dreams of Late” - the artist with gun - 2019

“My Dreams of Late” - the artist with gun - 2019