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Six Points Happier


When I paint I try to create quiet in a world that often feels chaotic and out of control.  I started this series early in 2018, painting the places where I walk, and where I feel at peace and happy.  I began to look at these paintings as a group to attempt to form a title for my new work.  It occurred to me that my happy places are all near bodies of water.  An internet search of “walking near water” led me to a study that determined that humans who spend time near water are six points happier than those who do not.  


I was born in High Point, NC and have spent most of my life in Forsyth County.   I earned a B.A. in Mathematics at Salem College, where I also studied studio art.  I travel extensively in the US and UK, and most of painting ideas come from long walks in beautiful settings. 


- The 3rd annual "The KITCHEN SINK" show is happening -

July 2018 at Delurk! 

If you’d like to submit art, all the fun facts are below.

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The Art of Charles M. Hildebrandt


The experimentation with mixed media collage arose as an extension of the presentation of photography.  Initially, it was simply a method of framing photographs beyond the conventional gallery frame, and soon thereafter morphed into the use of metals, wood, acrylics and other materials.  Influences such as nature, architecture, and the contrast of urban environments have been a part of their conception.   

The need to experiment with acrylics was birthed from both photography and the creation of mixed media collage.  Many early landscape paintings on canvas were created as a means of dealing with the death of my late father, a watercolorist in his own right.   Another prominent influence in these works is the landscape of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, as well as a dreamlike connection with the natural world.   Hopefully, in viewing these, one senses a place both real and imagined in nature, and a sense of belonging to it.  


Charles was born and raised in Maryland and moved to North Carolina in 2000.  His work started in photography, but has grown to include mixed media collage and acrylic landscapes.  Many of his mixed media pieces involve his photographic work, but also include acrylic, sheet metal, and other materials.  Hildebrandt completed a BA from East Carolina University in 1990, and a MLIS from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2003.  His work has appeared locally through shows at Associated Artist of Winston-Salem, and he received an honorable mention for his mixed media piece “American Farm Splendor” for the 2010 National Juried Show Dimensions.   He is currently represented at 4th Street Art & Frame in Winston-Salem, NC, and has shown at Delurk Gallery in Winston-Salem, Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA., and Viridian Artists in NYC.  He lives and works in Winston-Salem, NC.


They Died for the Chicken Fried