As summer gives way to autumn, Delurk presents a group of featured artists from across the region.

oil and graphite on panel


The Lighter Side of Satan

Artist's Statement:

Satan is a Dork.

It’s not a provocation.  We’re not baiting the dark lord.  We’re simply looking into the skeleton closet and seeing another side of what most assume is pure, confident evil.  Never judge a book by the cover. . . how many times have we heard that?  Yes, his flesh is red.  Yes, he has horns.  Yes, he has a patch of soil in Siler City where he strolls nightly to plot his next fiendish task.

What if the devil is a misrepresented icon?  What if he’s just ‘tryin’ to make it’?  He completes everyday tasks just like the rest of us.  What if the devil has social issues, like an inability to express himself?  This body of work explores these notions and more with an ‘average Joe’ (or Jane) who just happens to have a devilish streak.  Perception is reality and it’s up to you to decide whether these paintings depict good or evil . . . or both.

Holland Berson

Live Makeup application, complete

"Separating the Awkwardly Feminine from the Possibly Canadian"

Local artist, effects and monster maker performed a live prosthetic makeup application from 8pm-9pm during the opening reception. Holland Graduated from UNC School of the Arts School of Design and Production with an MFA specialization in Wig, Makeup, and Special Effects, and currently works at Human Analogue Applications as well as freelancing as an effects artist for film.

This month provides a rare opportunity to peer into the inner workings of an animatronic creature's face, "Harold" from the film, "The Scariest Monster" as well as view prosthetics and masks designed and produced by this young and inventive artist.

The Patrick Harris

No Apologies

No Apologies is a show of recent works by The Patrick Harris created during the last several months. Though not obviously so, the works are a narrative inspired by the mayhem and turmoil the artist has experienced over the last several months and his unapologetic reactions to the entropy of life.

Dane Walters & Shane-Brumley Ward

Echos of Hecate

The collaborative installation incorporates the artistic vision of these two local artists.



Collective Artists:

  • Art-o-Mat

  • Chad Beroth

  • Mary Crockett

  • Shanthony Exum

  • The Patrick Harris

  • Jennifer Wynn O’Kelly

  • Will Safrit

  • Molly Grace Simpson

  • Zac Trainor

  • Dane Walters

On Display: October 5th - 28th Opening Reception: Friday, October 5th, 7-10pm