Lye Lawrence

Lye is an illustrator, tattoo designer, and comic artist living in Mooresville, NC. 

They love botany, and the visual and practiced languages of taxonomy, herbal medicine, and the occult. Colorful shapes and a nest of plants usually envelop their subjects, protecting them. Transparent organs reveal their fragile contents. Things exist in both states of alive and dead simultaneously, proving an ability to fall and recover and grow.

  Organs confide. (Manipura),  2013

Organs confide. (Manipura), 2013

Lye takes acrylic ink, watercolor, pencil, and digital painting and wiggles them around together to make paintings, tattoos, and comics. They love grilled cheese and mountains and cats.

  Disassemble , 2016

Disassemble, 2016

  Dust Collector , 2016

Dust Collector, 2016

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First Feature show at DELURK

October 2016